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Check List for event planning

April 8, 2008

    Project Management

  1. In coordination with Individual Task Forces
  2. In coordination with administrative body through liason
  3. Following administrative body general and specific guidelines regarding relevant prayers, Tablets and timing


  1. Schedule: Begins: x pm- Ends: x pm (with 45 min program of readings, prayers, performances).
  2. Music
  3. Welcome: MC describes program contents and length
  4. Housekeeping: Cellphones, no applause after prayers, recyling, etc.
  5. Introduction: MC . (x min) guidelines: in own words what holy day is, inclusive language for guests (avoid use of specific exclusive language). Introduce first musician, name, description,
  6. Music
  7. First Reading/Prayer/Performance: How many? How long?
  8. Second Reading/Prayer/Performance (Poem): How many? How long?
  9. Music: How many? How long? Choir? Musical fireside?
  10. Third Second Reading/Prayer/Performance: How many? How long?
  11. Music: How many? How long? Choir? Musical fireside?
  12. Audio Visual: DVDs, PowerPoint, Images, How many? How long?
  13. Social portions: Activities? How long?

Human Resources

    1. Holy Day Committee Members
    2. Holy Day Task Committee for Decorations (2 people asked for each different Holy Day)
    3. Holy Day Task Committee for Food and Beverages (2 people asked for each different Holy Day)
    4. Holy Day Task Committee for Volunteer coordination (2 people asked for each different Holy Day)
    5. Holy Day Task Committee member Liason for Each Task Force (2 people)
    6. Holy Day Committee LSA Liason
    7. Treasurer
    8. Individual Task Force Committee Members (Liason with but not members of Holy Day Committee)
    9. MC 2 if possible
    10. Readers: How Many?
    11. Artists (see also)
      1. Musicians
        1. Music to accompany readings
        2. Music as people enter
        3. Music as people socialize
        4. Music in program itself
      2. Presentators
      3. Story Tellers: for children ()
      4. Writers
      5. Visual Artists
      6. Dancers
    12. Volunteer Coordinators
    13. People able and willing to do installation (with extra volunteers)
    14. People able and willing to do dismantling (with extra volunteers)
    15. Clean up crew (with extra volunteers)
    16. People willing to provide transportation
    17. People willing to help with phone calls
  1. Room Design and Decorations

  2. Rentals: Facilities
  3. Floor Plans:
  4. Flower arrangements: Large presentation arrangements (professional), smaller accents: centre pieces.
  5. Room Dividers
  6. Seating
  7. Carpets
  8. Table Clothes: theme based table runners
  9. Centre pieces
  10. Displays and Exhibitions: Visual artists appropriate contributions on easels, walls, hanging etc; Childrens’ appropriate contributions,
  11. Board for announcements of upcoming activities
  12. Kiosque for invitations or sign up for upcoming activities and/or volunteering for future events
  13. Installation/dismantling

Food and Beverages

    1. Holy Day Committee chooses menu
    2. Provide Task force with information
    3. Coffee urns
    4. Teas
    5. Cold Drinks: Water, Punch, Juice, Soft drinks, ice,
    6. Rental equipment: silver trays, cups, glasses, glass water jugs,
    7. Recycling bins
  1. Food and Beverages

  2. Advertisement
    1. Media
    2. Invitations Web-based, email, printed
    3. Community e-serve
    4. Community calendar
  3. Event Result Tracking
    1. Suggestion box at Holy Day
    2. Ideas from elsewhere
    3. My favourite Holy Day was …. because . . .
    4. Guest book with room for comments
    5. On-line though blog comments?
    6. Offers for specific human resouces: musicians, artists, food, volunteer and/or individual task forces.
    7. Compiling information
  4. Budget: including real cost of donated flowers, food, materials
  5. Reminders
  6. Report of each event including budget sent to administrative body
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  1. Sandra Bebertz permalink
    November 3, 2010 5:07 pm

    Very nice layout Maureen!

    I am working on a resource fair for work and wanted a comprehensive check list; therefore, I turned to the Baha’is for help. I had a similar list from years ago when serving on a fireside committee but could not put my hands on the outline. I am so glad yours was available online.


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