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DRC Baha’i temple design inspired by Congo River

July 2, 2020
The design of the Baha’i house of worship in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is inspired by the Congo River, “whose tributaries gather rain from every part of the country into one great stream, provides a powerful image of the coming together of all people”. The “artwork of various Congolese peoples” will be reflected in the “patterns that will adorn the outside of the dome of the central edifice”.
Not that long ago, a documentary called Frontiers of Learning, highlighted the work of youth and junior youth in villages in the DRC, who were “taking part in a process of community building based on concepts enshrined in the Bahá’í Teachings.” Children, junior youth, youth, and adults work together similar projects around the world, including Calgary, to “build vibrant communities.”
All Baha’i around the world contribute voluntarily for the design and construction of these nine-sided temples that are open to people from all religions to worship. The underlying principle of the Baha’i faith is the oneness of God, the oneness of religions, and the oneness of all peoples.
There is another smaller country with shores of the Atlantic, whose border also runs along the Congo River, that is also called the Congo – Congo-Brazzaville. Geographically, they are very similar countries, but their histories are very different….
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