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1: Unit 3: Life and Death

1: Unit 3: Life and Death pp. 35-54

Purpose:  To understand that life is not the changes and chances of this world, and its true significance is found in the development of the soul.   True life, the life of the soul, occurs in this world for a brief time and continues eternally in other worlds of God.

Excerpted from “To the Collaborators”: The theme of life and death has been included in the first book of the Institute’s program because it is considered essential for participants’ understanding of the paths of service they will choose to follow.  Service in this world has to be understood in the fullest context of life which extends beyond our earthy existence and continues forever as our souls progress through the worlds of God.

1.  How life begins and what is death.

  • The soul is a spiritual entity, created by God
  • The soul and the body, together, constitute the human being.
  • Death is just a change of condition; afterward the soul progresses eternally.

2.  The purpose of our lives.

  • The purpose of life is to know God and to attain His presence.
  • One who recognizes the Manifestation draws near to God, and one who rejects Him condemns himself to a life of misery and remoteness from God.
  • Just as in the womb of the mother one acquires the powers needed for this world, so in this world should we acquire the powers needed for the next world.

3.  The nature of the soul.

  • The soul is a sign of God.
  • A soul which is faithful to God will reflect His light and be drawn to Him.
  • Worldly attachments and vain desires impede the soul’s flight towards To and finally make it weak and impotent.
  • God has bestowed on man the capacity to reflect all His names and attributes.

4.  The need for the Manifestation of God as the Universal Educator.

  • The capacities of the human being are latent; they can only be developed with the help of the Manifestation of God.
  • To know the Manifestation of God is to know God.
  • Through spiritual education, the treasures hidden within us can be revealed.

5.  The condition of the soul after death.

  • The faithful soul will attain a sublime position and eternal happiness, but the unfaithful soul will recognize its loss and be consumed in eternal remorse.
  • No one knows his own end; therefore, we should forgive others and not feel superior towards them.
  • In the next world, the holy souls become acquainted with all mysteries and behold the beauty of God.
  • In the next world, we will recognize our loved ones and enjoy companionship with the friends of God; we will remember the life we had in this material world.

6.  The appropriate attitude towards the present conditions in our lives.

  • Nothing should sadden us in this world, because days of blissful joy await us.
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