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1: Unit 2: Prayer

Unit 2:  Prayer pp. 23-31

 Purpose:  To understand the importance of daily prayer and to develop the required attitudes of prayer.  To memorize five prayers and understand their meaning.

Practice:  Visit at least two Baha’is and study a prayer with them.

Excerpted from “To the Collaborators”:  This sections reflects on three principal objectives.  The first is to clarify the concept of prayer itself and to help the participants understand its great importance as one of the laws of this Dispensation.  In order to achieve this objective, it is sometimes necessary to dissipate doubts and carefully examine ideas that may have their roots in erroneous interpretations of the past.  Above all, this objective implies clear understanding of the necessity to observe this law, a need that is no less essential than that of nourishing our bodies every day.  Beyond observing the law of prayer, each person must feel a profound desire to pray.  Therefore, the second objective of this course is to awaken in participants the desire to “converse with God” and to feel the joy of being near to Him.  Moreover, from an early age, everyone should develop spiritual habits; the habit of praying daily is among the most important of these.   The third objective of the course concerns the attitudes with which prayer should be approached…the attitudes of heart and mind that help one enter the state of prayer, and to the conditions that should be created in one’s surroundings at the time of prayer.

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