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7: Unit 2: Section 28

Unit 2 Becoming a Tutor

Section 28: Participants in the study circles acquire these attributes:

  • a consciousness of the oneness of humankind and a profound love for humanity
  • a strong sense of history and one’s place in it
  • eagerness and burning desire to teach and serve humankind
  • a posture of learning
  • an undeviating sense of purpose and the will to accomplish things
  • steadfastness in the face of tests and trials
  • dedication to the application of the Teachings
  • a sense of responsibility for one’s personal growth and the progress of the Baha’i community
  • a high level of commitment to the spiritual advancement of one’s people
  • a consciousness of the spiritual powers on which every individual can draw
  • the capacity to take part in community action as a determined yet humble participant
  • the ability to contribute to consensus and agreement through consultation
    rectitude of moral conduct
    reliance on God
    abundant joy and radiance of heart
    generosity of soul, purity of heart, and clarity of mind
    an ever-deepening understanding of the guidance enshrined in Baha’u’llah’s Revelation
    an ever-deepening knowledge of the Teachings
    recognition of the transforming power of the Word of God
    freedom through obedience to the laws of Baha’u’llah
    attraction to beauty and perfection underlying a desire to achieve excellence

Features of study circles that nurture these attributes in participants

  • The atmosphere of love
  • The spirit of fellowship
  • The participatory approach
  • The rhythm of study
  • The emphasis given to the study of the Sacred Writings
  • Memorizing prayers and passages from the Writings
  • Exercises in the material that focus on the immediate meaning of passages from the Writings
  • Exercises that help the participants apply the Writings to their daily lives
  • Exercises that try to give insight into the implications of passages from the Writings
  • The flexibility inherent in the methodology of the Institute
  • The practice of specific acts of service
  • The artistic pursuits in which a study circle engages
  • The extracurricular activities which a study circle undertakes
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