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Heroes and Heroines

I interviewed my four-year-old grandson about heroes as background for my painting project.

After I asked him to tell me about heroes, he became thoughtful…

Grandson: “Not talking please because i have to think.”
“Heroes are strong.
And next heroes has powers.
Heroes are kids.
Kids when there’s evil bad guys, kids want to be heroes.
And the next thing.
Heroes eat everyday. And heroes fights villains. Even heroes drink a lot of water.
It’s a long job to fight crimes.
They get thirsty and thirsty.
When they are not thirsty they kick so much and they punch so much.
Their clothes are super real costumes and they buy better ones because they are too small.
They can’t fight villains with old costumes so they get newer ones.
And they really wake up late because super villains come in the night
I will tell you another year
Next: because all super heroes go to school with backpacks and in their backpacks they have super real costumes.
Their costumes are secret.
And that’s cool.
They keep secrets everyday in their dreams.
They don’t tell it to any bad guys.
My things are tired to say things in your computer.
We want to keep it in my tummy.
Those guys are just taking a nice nap.
They are tired.”
Grammy: Do you have to brave to be a super hero? What do you do to be brave?

Grandson: I look out my window and I can fly.

Baha’i Heroes and Heroines

Amelia Collins

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